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Please meet “Tatum” – our newest rehab patient.  Otherwise known as CC-SAF-130424-01, Tatum was reported in a canal in Ocracoke near the end of April.

Tatum's left eye on arrival.

A concerned local reported the turtle when it hung around for an unusually long period of time.  When NC Wildlife Resources Commission biologist Sarah Finn and Lou Browning from Hatteras Island Wildlife Rehabilitation evaluated the turtle and brought it ashore, some serious damage to the eyes was discovered.



Tatum after a week in rehab.

Both eyes were affected, but our attentive vets have have given us a detailed plan for treating the injuries.  Once the eyes have healed a bit more we hope to be able to evaluate how well Tatum can see.  It is always our hope that a rehab turtle will be able to recover to fend for itself in the while.  Stay tuned for Tatum’s progress!