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N.E.S.T. has five ATV routes which patrol the Outer Banks from approximately May 1 through approximately 1 September. Although the ATV drivers experience beautiful sunrises and threatened and endangered sea turtle nests there are also perils that could be associated with their ATV turtle crawl patrol.

Those perils include tall escarpments, high tides, soft sand, large holes in the sand and beach obstructions. In May of 2016 a Nags Head ATV route driver did experience a combination of a high tide, escarpments and soft sand. While attempting to terminate the ATV run the driver became stuck in the soft sand. Because of the soft sand the ATV slid down the tall escarpment rolling over the ATV driver.

Thankfully a beach visitor was present and immediately called 911.  Emergency response was made by Nags Head Police Department Shane Allen and Ben Jadoff. Also responding was Dare County EMS paramedic Tim Aycock and EMS EMT Matt Munden. The injured ATV driver was stabilized and transported to the Outer Banks Hospital Emergency facility. The ATV driver was transferred to a Norfolk hospital for further tests and health evaluation. The injured driver has been released and is now at home recovering from his injuries.

Our thanks to some of Dare County’s finest for providing immediate response to a very dangerous situation. A big N.E.S.T. SALUTE for their efforts.

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Left: Ben Jadoff NHPD, Peggy Cathey N.E.S.T. ATV coordinator and Shane Allen NHPD

Left: Dennis Pohl N.E.S.T, EMS EMT Matt Munden and EMS Lt. Julie Anderson

Left: Dennis Pohl N.E.S.T, EMS EMT Matt Munden and EMS Lt. Julie Anderson