First egg found in Nest #17

How do you get Jane to smile at 6:30 a.m? There are two ways … first is to have Sherman and Tom C show up with grins (No easy task but this mama loggerhead did it!) Sherman’s smile was contagious because he found this beautiful nest complete with a perfect crawl pattern and nice nest pit.

The second way to get Jane to smile is for her to find the first egg.  Stephanie, Dennis S. and Jane began digging along the tail drag of this huge turtle. The team decided on the best possible location of the eggs and within five minutes located the egg nest.  The judges are still out on this possible record breaking time, but at the very least some redemption from the elusive eggs of nest #15!

Sherman and Tom, ATV riders extraordinaire!

Under the watchful eye of Sherman and Tom, Steph, Dennis S., Dennis P., Rick and Jane took the measurements, put in the bobber and added some handy orientation strings. Just like that: badda bing it was done. With no need for relocation, this beautiful crawl became Nest #17.  Most of the team left the beach after a job well done, however Stephanie W. might still be out at the nest doing education.  If she does not report within a week we will be asking Prez Karen F to make a reprint of the information brochure and begin posting her photo to the backs of milk cartons. 

The tide is turning (pun intended) and Nags Head is catching up to Southern Shores!

Nest 17 team with the completed nest site!