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Nest #01 - Loggerhead Hatchling

Nest sitters at Nest #1 have been diligently monitoring their nest since day 55. The team was so excited on Saturday when they observed a well defined sink hole.  They thought for sure they would come out that night.  But night after night they watched with no signs of turtles.  Tuesday morning when the nest was checked, it appeared that two or three hatchlings had emerged.  Could it be that the main event was missed, that the turtles spilled out during a rainstorm and left no signs they had left?!  Maybe these sneaky ones early Tuesday morning were the left overs from a big boil?

Nest #01 emergence on Day 65

So the team set up early Tuesday night and around 6:30PM, they found another turtle emerging.  It sure seemed like this might be the last few sneaking out but then the team noticed a few more noses at the surface.  Finally, around 8:30PM a whole crew of hatchlings came spilling from the nest site.  The team got to see their boil after all!


The beginnings of the big boil.

(Photos were taken by Jackie Orsulak using an infrared night camera.  No visible lights were used.)