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Someone must have put in a good word to the Mama Sea Turtle Association this year, because these ladies are LOVING the Outer Banks this summer!! We are up to Nest #20 and its only the first week of August!

Nest #19 – August 3, 2015

This nest was laid in the 4×4 area in Corolla, at MP 13.5. Upon the team arriving it became clear that not only was this a brave turtle to lay her eggs in such a tumultuous area, but she also was the first green sea turtle to grace us with her presence! After KC dove (literally) into the nesting site, some helpful tips from the team that got to watch this mama laying eggs lead NESTers straight to the chamber! The area was flagged off and the team is hopeful for these little greens!

Nest #20! August 6, 2015

Lucky Nest #20 was found in Nags Head on August 6th 2015. Since the nest was below the average high tide line, it was relocated up the beach, and only 60 eggs were found in the nest (not including 5 tiny “spacer eggs”) It will be ready to hatch by the end of September!