N.E.S.T. volunteer and Duck ATV coordinator Jackie Orsulak, won the Grand Prize in the North Carolina Wildlife magazine 2010 Photo Contest.

Her photo captures a couple of unusual circumstances: The turtle is seen in the evening light, hatchlings typically do not emerge until darkness; and both flippers are raised, while juvenile turtles usually drag themselves into the sea with an awkward “hand over hand” motion, which means that one flipper is up and the other down at any given time.

Students at Stokesville Elementary School raised funds to purchase 1,000 bookmarks with information on keeping beaches clean and turtles safe to be distributed to residents and visitors.

DVD Documentary of a 2009 Loggerhead turtle nest hatching in Corolla. Describes the life of sea turtles in the waters of the Outer Banks and the activities of N.E.S.T. volunteers SOLD OUT this year and we needed to reprint! A HOT seller!