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Time to check in on our four patients!

Hernando (LK-KLC-120924-01) has been cleared for release!  After many months of rehabilitation, Hernando has passed all the tests – swimming, diving, weight gain, finding food on the bottom of the tank, and catching live prey.  Stay tuned for release details!

Vortex (CC-AGH-130522-01) is now handling 6-8 hours of supervised swim time.  While the CT scan did show that the skull fracture exposed the brain case to the outside environment, Vortex is hanging in there.  We are going to continue with our care regimen:  daily swim time in 6-8 inches of water, wound care, and a few more rounds of analgesic medication for pain.  Treatment with systemic antibiotics will end this week.  We are indebted to Albemarle Health Regional Medical Center for the CT scan that showed we were able to continue with rehabilitation.

Vortex calm and relaxed during a swim session. Photo by NC Aquariums.









Cluse (CC-JMA-130404-01) continues to eat well off the bottom.  We’ll be keeping a close eye on weight gain in the next few months.

Charlie (CC-PKD-121123-01) is still swimming along in the Aquarium’s large quarantine tank.  Although eating food from the bottom, Charlie still has a few swimming quirks to figure out before release.  We’ll give her time to improve her turns and dives and keep you posted.