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Good news!Our two turtle residents are improving and no new turtles have arrived for the past month. Big Girl, the 136 lb. loggerhead consumes 900 grams of sardines a day….that amounts to about 12-15 fish. Following her healthy meal, she does a few laps around the tank and then settles down for a little “digestive” nap. We are waiting for her blood chemistry results to improve some more.

Little Guy for he Kemps Ridley with the neck injury is still a picky eater. Occasionally eats squid, but more often than not he must be force fed. The dry docking (out of the water resting time) with a honey and betadine treatment have resulted in the 1/2 inch cut in his neck healing to the point that it is now only about 1/8 inch deep! He continues to be an active swimmer.