The sea turtle nest record has been broken and broken and broken! The previous record number of sea turtle nests  ... well, some say 26 and some say 27, but the 2016 sea turtle nests monitored by N.E.S.T. is now at 33. 30 and 31 were both discovered on the early morning of 7/14 by the Nags Head ATV driver.

NEST 30 — The response team rapidly deployed to Nags Head. It was HOT, Africa HOT and the biteing black flies were in abundance. The response team has been there, done that and Steph rapidly found the egg at nest 30 and the TEAM completed their mission in record time and moved quickly to nest number 32.

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sea turtle nest 31 crawl

sea turtle nest 30 crawl

The nest #31 response TEAM

The nest #30 response TEAM





Nest #31

After the call about Nest #30 came in, our Corolla driver called with a questionable nest. There had been some disturbance activity to the nest site so he wasn’t certain if it was actually a nest. And after all, he has a reputation of only finding False Crawls.  But after KC arrived, she was confident they would find eggs this time.  Sure enough, Ray can no longer say he has never had a nest!  With a great team fighting the heat and flies, they located the eggs and staked it off.

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(Photos to come.)

NEST 32– Do the faces look familiar? Why sure they do because you just saw most of them in the nest 30 report. This mama Loggerhead turtle was a bit weird as she crawled up the beach towards the dune line and came back a ways and laid her nest. Heat and black flies, but Rich of the can do NEST response team found the egg in less than 5 minutes.

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Is this a nest? Sure is

Is this a nest? Sure is

HOT ... Africa HOT!

HOT … Africa HOT!

Nest 33 response TEAM!

Nest 32 response TEAM!

NEST 33 —  SAME O, SAME O, Terry T. of the Nags Head ATV dream team discovered his first sea turtle nest on 7/15 Our thanks to Stephanie for responding to the call and providing pictures. Kaye a long time nester found the DNA egg. We are now low on egg vials, signs and nest stakes, but The TEAM worked rapidly and was outta there in no time flat.

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Terry's face says it all.

Terry’s face says it all.

Long time nester Kaye find the DNA egg.

Long time nester Kaye find the DNA egg.

sea turtle nest #33 reponse TEAM

sea turtle nest #33 reponse TEAM